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CORE™ Water is an ultra purified water with perfectly balanced pH, electrolytes and minerals for optimal hydration. CORE™ Water is an ultra purified water with perfect balanced pH, electrolytes and minerals for optimal hydration. Be True To Your CORE™ 100% Recycled plastic bottles. Reverse osmosis, purifies the water. Chromium 6 free. Fluoride free. BPA & MTBE free. Ultra purified. Chlorine free arsenic free. Perfect pH , your body's natural pH balance. The Importance of Perfect pH: The optimal pH range for our body's is between 7.35 and 7.45, just slightly alkaline from a neutral state. Only when our bodies pH level is within this range can they effectively assimilate the vitamins, minerals, and food supplements we need to survive. While our bodies constantly work to achieve a homeostatic state, our pH is largely influenced by metabolic byproducts and our diet. More and more health conscious consumers are becoming aware of the harmful effects an acidic diets have on their bodies, and they’re seeking out solutions to mitigate the damage and bring their body fluids into an acceptable range. The most effective way to do achieve this is with water. Water accounts for up to 75% of the body, so it’s easy to see why the water we drink greatly impacts the pH of the body. Unfortunately, the only waters available on the market are either acidic relative to the body’s optimal pH, or extremely alkaline, which still requires the body to work to bring it within the optimal pH range. BRAND STATEMENT: Inspired by the body, we created CORE NATURAL to be perfectly in sync with your body's optimal pH of 7.4. CORE Natural is ultra-purified using our patented process that removes any harmful impurities and contaminants, then we add the perfect blend of trace minerals that complement the levels that naturally occur in your body, resulting in an electrolyte enhanced, high performance water, that's slightly alkaline, just like you, to help you achieve your bodies natural pH balance. Be True To Your CORE™

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