by Diabolo Beverage Co. LLC

Official Brand Overview

Inspired by the iconic French refreshment “Le Diabolo”, DIABOLO brings you a true and unique alternative to regular sodas. Crafted with naturally sourced colors and flavors and only 30 calories per serving, no sodium, lightly carbonated and enhanced with B vitamins; you can enjoy DIABOLO as much as you want as a guilt-free refreshment, or simply add to your favorite cocktails for a great flavor. DIABOLO LOCO is a brand extension of DIABOLO, offering a healthy alternative to other energy drinks in two delicious flavors: French Lemonade and Acai Berry Guava. With only 25 calories, 7g of cane sugar and 80 mg of caffeine per serving, DIABOLO LOCO gives you a steady boost day or night, while avoiding the “crash” without compromising the taste.

Current product lineup