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Dr. Tim answers to a higher authority and adheres to the oathe he took many years ago to "First do no harm". Dr. Tim's Jungle Juice is an all natural energy formula designed to provide consumers the very first safe choice in energy drinks. Dr. Tim's Jungle Juice is formulated using all natural ingredients. Each ingredient was selected using very strict criteria that included #1. No side effects #2. True cellular energy #3. Make the heart stronger #4. Improve focus #5. Sustain energy #6. No high fructose corn syrup #7. No caffeine #8. No unhealthy overdose of B vitamins #9.Only10 Calories per serving. #10 Two servings per bottle #11. Burn fat #12 help suppress apetite. Consequently With Dr. Tim's jungle Juice you get sustained safe energy that is driven from the cells without the racing heart, high spike in blood glucose, numbness, tingling and jitters which are all potentially dangerous health side effects. Dr Tim's Jungle Juice is truly energizing and not an artificial metabolic or nerve stimulant.

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