Official Brand Overview

BLENDED FRUIT IN A POUCH... THE PERFECT NEW WAY TO EAT FRUIT ON THE GO! JUST TWIST OFF CAP AND EAT! Our 100 % Fruit Puree is made of the finest fresh fruit, with absolutely no additives or preservatives. We offer five different fruit combinations for our customers' different needs and tastes. And in keeping with our slogan, "Easy 4 Busy," we're reminded -- each time we enjoy one of these wonderful purees -- just how much time we're saving. Imagine the effort required to create such a fruit combination at home each time you wanted a quick, healthy, energizing snack! E4B products are "children of nature," made from pure fruit puree. We choose our fruits very carefully from Mother Earth, and we prepare all of these fruits without the use of additives or preservatives. This freshness, we believe, is exactly why the five different types of E4B fruit purees are so healthy and taste so good. And how do we maintain this level of quality? We use very special packages, invented in Japan for America's NASA space program, which keep the natural minerals and vitamins in fruit at their highest potency for as long as possible -- without the need of additives or preservatives. The combinations of the different fruits found in the various E4B snacks provide your body with vitamins, minerals and five different, wonderful tastes.

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