Eric's Famous

by Eric's Energy Co

Official Brand Overview As a father of three, Eric worked long hours and needed extra energy to keep up with his rambunctious young sons and hectic schedule. He tried energy drinks but hated the taste and jitters they gave him. With no great tasting high quality options, Eric went on a personal mission to create one. Eric’s Famous was born. Each recipe begins with premium wholesome ingredients like raw Washington honey, organic plant extracts and pure cane sugar. Freshly ground herbs enhance the flavor profile and provide a naturally smooth energy boost with an herbal bite. Now as a father of four boys, Eric developed the Eric's Energy Shot. For those moments when he doesn't have time to slow down and enjoy an Eric's Famous. These shots are specially formulated for smooth and long lasting energy. They work especially well after a night up with a newborn!! You can find them at Our latest addition, Eric's SPORT SHOT and Eric's SPORT ADE are now available on as well!

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