Extreme Drinks

by Extreme Drinks

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

Our goal at Extreme Drinks is to deliver a completely radical, totally natural, fully functional range of Drinks, just for you. Seven drinks make up the collection, from the award winning Aqua Still with its innovative "Hip Clip", to our delicious new range of vitamin waters called Aqua Vitamins (no artificial anything found in these, of course), to our best selling natural Energy drink, Extreme Energy, containing Kombucha. With completely new and very different packaging (we really went for it this time!!) and the best natural ingredients, we’ve produced a range of great healthy drinks for any occasion. Hope you like ‘em! Working with our fantastic distribution partners around the world (who are all as passionate about Extreme Drinks as we are) and with the Extreme brand receiving continuous exposure 24/7 in over 60 counties from the Extreme Sports Channel, the company has gone from strength to strength. These little babies are now available in over 20 countries, from the French Alps to the Californian coast to the surf beaches of Tahiti.....