Flatt Cola

by Flatt Cola, LLC

Official Brand Overview

Flatt is a brand new Energy Cola based in hoppin' Madison, WI. Sometimes sarcastic, always quirky, Flatt will help you acheive Everyday World Domination with all natural sugar, 100% Vitamin C, and extra caffeine that packs a punch. We're not talking King of the World Domination here, we're talking "Hey, I fixed the copier" domination or "A crazy night of dancing to ABBA" domination. You know, real stuff that real people actually do. Flatt mixes with a bevy of spirits, offering an energy drink alternative with a cola flavor to bar, club, and house party patrons alike. Madison is the home of the house party, afterall. Flatt is fantastically flavorful all by itself, with just enough carbonation to tickle your taste buds. If you don't take life too seriously and want to get involved with a sweet new product, join us out at www.flattcola.com or www.buyflatt.com. Distributors email paul@flattcola.com. Flatt Energy Cola - It's Like Sunshine, If Sunshine Had A Mustache.

Current product lineup

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