Official Brand Overview

What we’ve done is simple. We’ve combined natural botanicals and fruits with clear European mountain spring water to create a uniquely delicious and refreshing sparkling beverage called “FRÏSA” (pronounced free-za). FRÏSA is a non-alcoholic, ultra-premium, sparkling, European botanical beverage. Our first introductions are FRÏSA Elderflower, FRÏSA Ginger Hibiscus, and FRÏSA Black Currant Rosehip. They are all 100% natural, GMO free, gluten free, and caffeine free. FRÏSA sparkling botanical beverages are made from the finest ingredients including European spring water sourced exclusively from the Pyrenees. The products are lightly sweetened with a hint of natural cane sugar, and are under 100 calories per serving. What does FRÏSA mean? Well, legend has it that FRÏSA is an ancient European word that translates to “refreshing.” We hope you enjoy FRÏSA as much as we enjoy making it for you!

Current product lineup