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THE ART OF WATER | LUXURY CO-EXISTING WITH NATURE | THE CUT • THE CLARITY • THE TASTE #tobetreasured | The Blue Mountains of Jamaica are the island’s highest mountain range known for its untouched habitat, fine vegetation and its ability to supply endless streams of pure and natural water. The process starts at the peak of the mountain, at 7400 feet above sea level, where an insurmountable amount of rainfall nurtures this preserved environment. This water cascades downhill, negotiating its way through the earth, being naturally filtered by mineral- rich rocks and sediments meanwhile creating the perfect natural mineral composition for the body; afterwards flowing into an underground water basin called an aquifer. Due to the heavily excessive flow of water into the aquifer, there is a constant overflow hence the water finds ways to return to the surface in its refined state and it is here a ‘spring’ is said to be formed. The exact places where water can be seen emerging from underground are known as the heads of the spring or spring heads. This divine process makes Island’s Gem Spring Water the finest drinking water in the World. Every gem, when mined from the earth, is “in the rough” and it is through its refinement do we see its true value. YOUR PRECIOUS BODY DESERVES A GEM!

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