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Gingernize is 100% natural ginger-based juice. We select the freshest and finest ingredients to produce our juices! Our juices contain no carbonates, no artificial flavors, no preservatives and no processed sugar. Gingernize is a naturally beverage full of energy and health benefits. Gingernize is more than a juice; its a way of life! Gingernize's main ingredient is all natural 100% ginger juice carefully extracted out of the ginger roots then mixed with all natural 100% fruit juices to produce a breath taking, refreshing, thrust quenching healthy juices. Our recipes originate from West Africa. In West Africa, drinking 100% natural Ginger juice blend with other fruits daily is a custom. Women take great pride in preparing the juice, by carefully extracting juice out of the Ginger roots before mixing it with selected fruit juices such as pineapple. The drink is specially prized during celebrations such as weddings, baptisms, and birthdays. The secret of a good Ginger juice is in the balance between the spicy bite of the ginger and the sweet flavor of selected fruits. We have perfected that balance in our family kitchen for generations, and we want to share the taste and the health benefits with you.

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