Gorilla Juice

by Gorilla Juice

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

What is "CONQUER YOUR JUNGLE?" you ask. It is simply the best tasting, extreme energy drink on the market! We have taken great care to use the finest of ingredients. This tantalizing concoction of four citrus and two non-citrus flavors combines with a synergistic blend of herbs, vitamins and caffeine to take you to a place of mood and stamina like no other. Extra effort was given to deliver a sodium-free, zero carb, five calorie, 12-oz beverage serving. Consumed properly, two bottles can boost the mind and spirit of every power seeker through an entire day of conquering this crazy jungle we live in. We are much more than just a beverage company. Our mission is to energize the many peoples of this planet to save the Gorillas. Gorilla Conservation is not an option for us. We love Gorillas and well, doesn't everybody? If you haven't found the LOVE for our Gorilla friends, please check out this site and Our sister Gorilla conservation site. Gorillajuice.org is chock full of Gorilla facts and photos. If you take the time to read, you will be truly moved. After all, Gorillas Rule! Who didn't cry when King Kong was shot down from the Empire State building? Gorilla Conservation is not an option for us. There are only about 400 Mountain Gorillas left in the world. At the current rate of poaching they will be extinct in as little as five years. We share 98% of our genes with these fine creatures. They are our closest cousins on Earth. Could we be next?