h2O Natural Spring Water

by Refreshing Ideas LLC

Official Brand Overview

Refreshing Ideas, LLC, is proud to introduce earth-friendly “h2O” – natural spring water in an award-winning, renewable, aseptic package. h2O is a product whose time has come, a way to offer today’s environmentally-conscious consumers a means by which to enjoy the world’s most-consumed beverage without contributing to the 38 billion plastic bottles that end up in landfills every year. h2O minimizes the consumer’s impact on the environment while at the same time providing a safe drinking experience with absolutely no danger of chemical leeching. h2O. It’s guilt-free, it’s worry-free. And it’s “saving the planet, one drink at a time.” Package Benefits ? Made mainly from paper, a renewable, recyclable resource ? 100% recyclable ? h2O cartons are Sustainable unlike plastic a petroleum based product ? Absolutely No danger of chemical leaching ? Protects the product’s purity ? Printed with water based, solvent free inks & on paper sourced from managed forests ? Superior at keeping water cooler, longer ? Pure, safe, crisp, great tasting spring water ? Sourced from pristine, sustainable natural underground aquifers in the Canadian Niagara Escarpment ? Sodium free, premium quality water with a very smooth and silky taste ? Kosher Certified

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