Harmless Harvest Dairy-Free Yogurt

by Harmless Harvest

Official Brand Overview

Creating positive feedback loops between people and plants. harmlessharvest.com Started in 2009, Harmless Harvest is a progressive food & beverage initiative set to demonstrate that ecosystem-based business can outcompete the conventional model, by integrating the long term welfare of all stakeholders - from plant to customer. Combining innovative scientific methods with local traditional knowledge such as agroforestry, Harmless Harvest develops and manufactures products that actually deliver the nutritional and ethical integrity that others only promise. By asserting tangible economic value to threatened ecosystems, Harmless Harvest protects these areas and their traditions. Harmless Harvest is proud to be the first Fair for Life certified coconut water. Fair for Life verifies our commitment to paying fair wages, providing decent working conditions abroad and in the USA, and reinvesting in the communities at the source. Harmless Harvest offers free healthcare to our partners through our Fair for Life initiatives, we have provided medical and vision check-ups to 776 farmers and their communities since the program’s inception, 80% of who had never received medical care. Harmless Harvest has helped certify over 300 farms Organic and Fair for Life in Thailand.

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