Beverage Brands: Herbal Tonics

Brand Listing
Auric by Zenith Drinks Private Limited
Auric is a Beauty & Wellness brand based on Ayurveda, Plant-Based ancient science from India. It is a digital first, D2C brand with presence in India & US. Natural, Low calories beverages is the first...
Cann by Cann
Goldthread Herbs by Goldthread
Goldthread makes everything healthier with plants Goldthread promotes grassroots traditional medicine as a vehicle for empowering individuals to care for themselves, their community, and the world. Ou...
Happy Moose Juice by Happy Moose Juice
We're on a mission to inspire happiness in everyone we come in contact with. We craft organic cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and wellness shots from upcycled, heirloom ingredients sourced directly fr...
Hiyo by Hiyo,Inc.
Panax CBD by Panax CBD Corp
We create highly innovative functional ginseng beverages for energy, immunity and focus.
Plants by People by Plants by People
SUU KUU Hemp Tonics by Proper Beverage Company
Tiger Seed by Tiger Seed, LLC
Tiger Seed's mission is to produce high-quality beverage tonics that taste as good as they are good for you. We believe in all natural ingredients, just as nature intended. We real people that valu...
Toutalou Revive by Toutalou
Toutalou Revive is a Plant-Based Hangover Recovery Wellness shot that is bottled in classic tincture glass bottles. Each 2 Fl Oz shot features premium herbal ingredients sourced from around the world....
Waku by Waku Inc.
Delicious herbal infusion locally know as the "Healing Water" that has been consumed for centuries in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador because of its health properties. It naturally soothes the body and...

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