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Producing wholesome and delicious products made with organic ingredients since 1991. Check out our new snacks! HOUSE RULES Welcome to the Horizon Facebook Page. As a Horizon fan, this is your page to post your thoughts, questions, tips and anything you want to share about Horizon. We only ask that you follow these simple rules: 1. Play Nice Be kind - no bullying, harassing language, threats or trolling. Be clean - no obscene or offensive posts. 2. Keep it Real No spamming, advertisements or charitable solicitations. No pictures, videos or content that belong to someone else or that include someone else without their permission. 3. Be Safe Don't post personal contact info. No posts that include false or misleading information No posts that include viruses or links to unsafe sites. 4. Have Fun Question, chat and explore. Keep the conversation going; share your comments, recipes, videos and pictures. That's it, just know that we reserve the right to take down any posts that we believe stray from these rules. Here’s a bit from the lawyers: We have complete rights to all content that is posted on our Facebook page to use however we see fit. We reserve the right to change these terms at any time. It is important to note that the fan postings made to the Horizon Facebook page are not representative of the opinions of Horizon or WhiteWave Foods Company. Furthermore, we do not confirm their accuracy. Here's even more detail from the lawyers:

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