KavaZen Relaxing Experiences

by Kavazen Inc.

Official Brand Overview

KavaZen® Relaxing Experiences® are organic functional drinks made with fruit juice, botanical extracts and vitamins. KavaZen® delivers both a wonderfully smooth taste and an uniquely relaxing function. KavaZen® delivers fast-acting relaxation without sedation--quickly wash way stress, anxiety and physical tension. KavaZen® is a wonderful alternative to alcohol and a great complement to coffee. KavaZen® Relaxing Experiences® ? 10oz/300ml glass - 50% Fruit Juice Organic - 35 calories per serving. Delivers a highly optimized, refreshing and relaxing, Kava functional effect. KavaZen® Relaxing Experiences® Lite ? 10oz/300ml glass - 15% Fruit Juice - 11 calories per serving. Delivers a peppier modulation of our unique, refreshing and relaxing, effect. Lower-sugar and slightly drier taste; a great alternative to accompany food.

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