King Coconut Water

by Tropic Fruits Ltd.

Official Brand Overview

‘King coconut’ (cocos nucifera var. aurantiaca) is a variety of coconut indigenous to the tropical island of Sri Lanka, located off the sunny southern coast of India. Known by its bright orange husk, king coconuts grow freely and in abundance throughout the island, with little to no human intervention. Our product is made entirely from fresh young king coconuts, grown exclusively in their native habitat. The king coconut has greater benefits than its green counterpart, including a higher potassium and magnesium content – and what’s more, it contains just the perfect amount of natural sweetness to make it stand out from other coconut waters. Our product, which comes in a convenient glass bottle, contains unrefined, undiluted king coconut water, and unlike many leading brands, we do not blend into our product any other kinds of coconut water, particularly that which is contained in the mature green coconut. Furthermore, our product has no added flavors or preservatives. The little Vitamin C that is used as an antioxidant and the food grade acid also help bring out the unique refreshing taste of natural king coconut. Our product is colorless and contains no refined sugars, such as high fructose corn syrup. Given that fresh king coconut water contains natural electrolyte levels that are incredibly close to that of blood plasma, our product is a premium source of natural hydration. The electrolytes are absorbed into the human body with incredible speed. For this reason our product is ideal for use as a re-hydrating sports drink, or as part of a fruit smoothie, or even as a hangover remedy. While king coconut water is known to clear up the urinary tract, increase semen production, and is commonly used in ayurvedic treatments on the island, the naturally occurring bioactive enzymes it contains, help boost digestion and metabolism. King coconut water is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. Its health and medicinal properties aside, our product is a delicious beverage, which naturally cools the body, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated.

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