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This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

KRANK'D: The Only 5-In-1 Body Fuel on the market today. Krank'd is an entirely new concept in performance beverages that combines the best components of all other energy drinks and vitamin waters in one delicious formula. It is designed to maximize your physical capabilities, attitude, and overall health. Krank'd is not just for athletes or bodybuilders, nor must it appeal to the latest fad groups like the hip-hop crowd or soccer moms to try create a following. This is a seriously nutritious drink that has only 75 calories and 18g of carbs per serving. It can help EVERYONE replenish their bodies with important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids lost through daily physical activity and helps cleanse the body of toxins. Krank'd works because it is simply good for you. It¹s like drinking a one-per-day multivitamin with the added bonus of a proprietary energy blend derived from a combination of B-Vitamins that won¹t leave you flat and dehydrated. It DOES NOT contain artificial sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or aspartame and is taurine free. Krank'd has a brix rate of 4 (a rating of 7 or lower is considered excellent for optimum nutrient absorption) and can therefore be quickly and efficiently metabolized. Krank'd is currently available in 5 delicious flavors and more are planned to be introduced in the near future.