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Official Brand Overview

The Food, The Whole Food, and Nothing But the Food… At LuliTonix we blend the whole raw green,fruit, herbs and spices. Unlike a juicer which extracts the juice from the vegetable or fruit, leaving all the fiber behind, our super crazy strong blenders create our green smoothies using the food in its entirety. The blending process ruptures the cellular wall of the greens, releasing nutrients otherwise difficult to access. Blended Greens are easily digest-able, quickly assimilated, and are a whole food with all the fiber intact. We are big fans of fiber—an essential ally in keeping us healthy, keeping our digestive tract moving, and ridding our bodies of accumulated toxins. We believe passionately that our blends may just be the perfect food. Delicious, optimally nutritious, easily digest-able, teeming with bioavailable nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. They strengthen nourish and support your body with every sip, while simultaneously recalibrating our taste for and relationship to food.

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