Official Brand Overview

Lumen Water flows from a mountain spring found deep within the Southern Appalachians. The genesis of its source begins over 2,500 ft. below surface, where for a millennia, nature has continually purified and enriched the water with naturally occurring electrolytes and micronutrients that are essential to a body’s well-being. To ensure that every aspect of this extraordinary creation is preserved, Lumen is bottled at the moment it emerges from the spring in its natural pure state; exactly as nature intended. Nothing is added or subtracted from the water as its innate purity and unique electrolyte content exceed all standards required by the FDA, EPA and IBWA. No lab or artificial process can approach the creation of such an extraordinary water that required nature a millennia to perfect. The result is Lumen; a water so pure and sublime that it nourishes and illuminates the soul like none other.

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