Madrina's Horchata

by Citrus Springs

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

Our company started with a little trip to the southwest by a Midwestern-born businessman, Rich Davis, who went on to create Madrina’s Multicultural Brands. He enjoyed the exotic flavors and aromas of traditional, authentic Latin dishes while working in the beverage industry in Arizona. Experiencing first-hand the popularity for traditional Hispanic beverages, such as horchata and café con leche, he observed the fusion between mainstream culture and Hispanic culture and wanted to (literally) bottle it up and share it with the whole country. Initiated by Citrus Springs Beverage Solutions, Madrina’s Multicultural Brands entered the beverage industry in February 2011. Since then, we’ve been on the search for fun and distinct flavors heavily influenced by the unique multiculturalism seen today in order to bring exciting new products to you. Bienvenidos al futuro, with Madrina’s Multicultural Brands!


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