Official Brand Overview

Welcome to MAKOMAS! My name is Magbè Savané. I started Makomas in 2011 for three simple reasons. Number one – these traditinal drinks are delicious, and everyone I have shared them with has agreed. Number two – I am very happy to share with the world something from my home country of Côte d’Ivoire in West Africa . Number three – I love making these beverages, as helping my mother make them is one of my fondest memories. We sold these beverages in small plastic bags to the people of my home town. MAKOMAS may sound African, but it is not. The name MAKOMAS was created from my first name, Magbè, and the most important people in my life: my husband Kolo, our beautiful son Malick and my family name, Savané. Just like my mother’s business, Makomas sells 100% natural and authentic beverages. We create the freshest beverages made from only sustainably grown premium organic West African fruits, flowers and roots. Our exotic drinks- baobab, ginger and hibiscus are crafted in small batches using family recipes handed down through the generations. As a result, our gourmet super drinks are tantalizingly exotic and thirst quenching. We believe that our customers deserve high quality beverages that are perfect to the last sip! - See more at:

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