Mega Moo

by CFM Beverages

Official Brand Overview

CFM Beverages is relentless in the pursuit of producing premium quality better for you beverages. MEGA MOO VITAMIN MILK is a great tasting vitamin fortified flavored milk. It is fortified with a kids or adults recommended daily dosage of vitamins. MEGA MOO contains no artificial flavors or sweaters and is RBGH FREE. It is a better for you, ready to drink beverage. It maintains a great taste while being less in calories, less in total fat, less sugars and more than twice as many vitamins than other leading flavored milk brands. It is shelf stable (no refrigeration needed) for up to 250 days, which reduces cost and provides convenience for all. Not only does the packaging provide shelf stability, which allows us to lower our carbon footprint, reduce energy and save on fuel use, it is also packaged in a recyclable earth friendly container. Moreover, the package is designed in a fun and innovative way, which provides the consumer a unique drinking experience. Kids love it and adults have marveled at the benefits it provides their children and themselves.

Current product lineup

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