by Insightful Solutions, LLC

Official Brand Overview

OJO fortified eye care nectar is the first Dr. formulated functional beverage that protects and preserves vision. OJO contains vitamins and antioxidants clinically proven by the National Eye Institute?s Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) to promote eye health. OJO's unique vision protecting formulation was designed for those with Macular Degeneration or for those who want to protect and preserve vision. OJO provides an alternative to the difficult to ingest AREDS vitamins, which sold over $200 Million in 2010, by offering the millions who suffer from eye disease, a proportion of the formulation in an appetizing liquid form. After years of recommending the AREDS vitamins to his patients, ophthalmologist Dr. Luchs realized that, despite the important therapeutic and preventative benefits of the AREDS vitamins, their multiple side effects made them intolerable to many eligible patients. It was this need among Dr. Luchs? patients that inspired the creation of OJO: a visionary eye health beverage that would ensure patients could get the eye care prevention they desperately needed in a modern, enjoyable, and convenient way. Dr. Jodi Luchs, MD, FACS, is the Founder and CEO of Insightful Solutions, LLC, parent company of OJO fortified eye care nectar, established in NY, in 2009. His team is comprised of business and marketing veterans, each with experience in the beverage and consumer packaged goods categories, and a deep passion for the company?s success. Aliza Lewis as Marketing Director, Marina de la Torre as Business Director and Yocasta Lachapelle as Creative Director, have been instrumental in creating the brand and starting-up the company to date. This core team continues to lead the company as it implements its ?go to market strategy.? OJO made its debut this March at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California. The trade welcomed OJO with positive accolades, pointing to its unique function in the category, its visionary formulation & benefits, and eye catching, clever branded packaging, materials & environment. Everyone from Coke?s VEB team to Dr. Pepper?s R&D group raised an eye brow and gave OJO a shot (literally). The overwhelming buzz at the show named OJO ?one to watch in 2011.? In the coming months, OJO will be rolling-out a four-pronged marketing & PR program targeting each of it?s key constituents: The Trade, Consumers, Dr.?s & Philanthropic Organizations that support those who suffer from eye disease. For the trade, OJO offers an innovative moment-of-truth tool-kit that activates in-store, the consumer campaign deploys social and grass roots tactics that raise consumer awareness and convert to sales, the Direct to Physician program cleverly helps Eye Care professionals recommend OJO to their patients, and the Philanthropic effort helps OJO tap into those who are most effected by or who work to prevent and research eye disease, and eventual blindness. While OJO?s core consumers are the millions who already take the AREDS vitamins, the formulation is also good for those at risk for, or who want to prevent, eye disease. OJO will be sold in convenient 4-packs in three superfruit flavors at Drug, Grocery, & Health Food Stores, Vitamin Shops and Club Stores and will be merchandised either next to other Eye Health Vitamins or, on the Adult Nutrition Aisle. OJO is currently available online through its website, ojonectar.com, and will begin to partner with other e-commerce properties, as well as traditional beverage brokers, buyers and distributers as it continues to gain traction in the marketplace. Look out for OJO, online, at your Dr.?s office or at your local store today!

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