by OnJuice

Official Brand Overview

OnJuice is a new line of healthful products. Using only the finest 100% locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables, OnJuice is unpasteurized, cold-pressed and completely chemical free. The crucial component of our liquid magic is the cold-pressed process the ingredients undergo before they make their way to your grateful lips. Our cold pressed technique locks in all the crucial vitamins in fruits and vegetables that are lost during conventional cooking, baking and heating methods. This process is what separates OnJuice from the juice you can make at home. Drinking raw fruits and vegetables in this way is the most efficient way for the body to absorb essential enzymes and nutrients. Made fresh daily in our local kitchen, OnJuice is a vegan delight, glass bottled and delivered straight to your doorstep to ensure the ultimate in freshness and quality. Our "pressed to perfection" method takes place on a hydraulic press which extracts only the best produce directly from the pulp of the fruit or vegetable. This process minimizes oxidation and facilitates the release of vitamins, minerals and enzymes for maximum nutrient retention!

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