Powerful Yogurt

by Powerful Men LLC


Official Brand Overview

The Powerful Yogurt product line was born out of commitment to creating delicious, all-natural, high protein products to fuel an active lifestyle. After trying all of the other products on the market, it was clear that nobody was making great tasting products that were also natural and "clean". In 2013 when we launched the first high-protein Greek yogurt designed for the active lifestyle. Since then, demand from people like you who believe that we should never have to compromise great taste for superior nutrition has grown the Powerful Yogurt brand into a full product lineup including our signature Powerful Yogurt, Powerful Yogurt PLUS+ with whole grains, Powerful Yogurt Bars and the Powerful Yogurt Drink. Each product in our Powerful Yogurt line is high protein, 100% natural, gluten free and made to be a key component to achieving an active, healthy lifestyle.

Current product lineup