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Rebootizer® is a revolutionary detoxifying drink made from natural fruit and plant extracts. Contained in a 6 x 4.25 inch recyclable Mix-Pak pouch, rebootizer is an effective and easy-to-use, healthy way to rid the body of harmful toxins from factors such as overindulgence in food, drink, pollution, and processed foods. The powder which is sealed in the pouch, contains extracts of fruits and plants, and is rich in antioxidants which aim at reducing oxidative stress. This blend of ingredients was specifically developed to promote digestion and liver functions. The patented packaging, keeps the powder and purified water separate until consumption, providing the user the most potent dose of antioxidants. Rebootizer is so effective that consumers get the immediate reward in preventing the morning symptoms of a common hangover, when taken immediately after food and drink indulgences. Additionally, Rebootizer is an easy, on-the go solution as a detox regimen to combat free-radicals, and to be taken safely every day as part of a health and wellness regimen. Rebootizer The Detox Shaker is distributed in the USA and territories by RebootizerUSA and is imported from Europe from Rebootizer Group PLC, a UK holding company listed on European stock exchanges (R3T.F- Frankfurt). Recognized as one of the best innovation in dietary supplements in 2010, Rebootizer received two prestigious international awards in 2010: the Trends & Innovations Selection at SIAL, the international Food & Beverage Exhibition held in China this year and the Frontier Magazine Buyers Forum 2010 Winner for Best New Product. As of today Rebootizer has distribution representation with DPI Midwest, KEHE, Expressmart, several hundred individual liquor stores and bars and is available online at

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