Republic of Tea Unsweetened Iced Tea

by Republic of Tea

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Official Brand Overview

The Republic of Tea answers the call of consumer demand with the innovative launch of their line of NO CARB-NO CALORIE, ready-to-drink bottled iced teas. Distinctive and curvaceous 12 oz. bottles feature nine delightful flavors in four standout tea varietals. All nine flavors are masterfully brewed using ORGANIC tea leaves and all natural ingredients. "Carbohydrate-conscious consumers are seeking Atkin's friendly foods and beverages that they can easily incorporate into their diets. These unique blends contain NO CARBS so they meet the demands of this growing new category of consumer" says Chairman and Minister of Tea, Ron Rubin. Tea purists will appreciate that these delicious blends are totally UNSWEETENED so they taste like tea... not sugar. Today's health-oriented shoppers want sugar free beverage alter¬natives and healthful options which will allow them to banish sodas. The search is over, NO CARBS, NO CALORIES, NO SUGAR... nothing artificial. In a ready-to-drink category laden with sugary-sweet high calorie beverages, The Republic of Tea ready-to-drink bottled ice tea line offers clean, naturally crafted blends that are truly unique.

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