Rev Up

by Rev Up

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

Rev Up is dedicated to provide a delicious, high-quality sports energy drink that will increase strength, aid in recovery and reduce soreness associated with athletic activity. Rev Up is formulated using RealPure Natural Spring Water and all-natural BIOENERGY Ribose. The energy in Rev Up comes from Ribose. Ribose is a cellular level nutrient produced by your body from other carbohydrates and found in every living cell. Ribose is the most fundamental energy-producing nutrient available. Rev Up provides Ribose real time so your cells don’t have to wait for your body to produce more when it is in short supply. Because of our rigorous commitment to research, Rev Up has several patents on our sports energy drink, guaranteeing the consumer both product quality and purity. Available in four flavors - Redline Rage, Orange Octane, Green Extreme, and Blue Streak. Rev Up is the Official Sports Energy Drink of the GM Vortec Engines Power Team.