Rockstar Energy Drink: Supersours Sour Apple (2013)

by Rockstar, Inc.

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Functional: Energy Drink: Regular


16oz can

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Review: Supersours Sour Apple (2013)

Posted: Oct 19, 2012 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Jul 02, 2013 at 10:28 AM)
Rockstar’s Super Sour “Sour Apple” is an energy drink that appears to be modeled after sour apple candy. Despite the name, it’s not really “Super Sour” (that’s a good thing in our book), but it does offer some pretty unique flavor that we haven’t previously seen from an energy drink. The sour apple flavor is a particularly good one both in terms of how it tastes (like candy) and its ability to mask all of the energy ingredients that provide the functional benefits of the drink. That said, it seems like something that could have appeal with the younger end of the energy drink demographic, those who don’t like the current flavor of energy drinks, or those who are looking for something different (which always seems to be a big part of the category). Functionally, it features ingredients that are pretty standard to the category, including B vitamins, ginseng, guarana and caffeine (120mg per serving). Visually, the product is busy and colorful, which, in the case of this product, fits with the playful vibe that they seem to be going for while still maintaining the Rockstar brand. It’s hard to say just how big a product like this can be, but it definitely brings something exciting and new to the Rockstar brand. Overall, a very enjoyable energy drink entry.