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The perfect union between all natural ingredients and Chakra philosophy, yoga practice, and holistic healing, Silence Tea transcends the basic tea to promote a balanced, calm, and relaxed existence. Journey into a state of bliss with these all natural, refreshing, healthy premium brews of the finest tea leaves in the world. Transcend into the realm of calm with centuries-old chamomile and natural relaxation ingredient L-theanine. We invite you to open the gates to higher consciousness and discover the benefits of living a more wholesome and healthier life by awakening and activating your body's Chakra system with this revolutionary relaxation tea beverage. The Chakras are the seven key energy centers of our body. These energy centers balance, store, and distribute energies of life throughout our physical and spiritual body. When all seven Chakras are active and functioning optimally, we experience an overall healthy mind, body, and spirit. Silence Tea has been specially formulated to awaken and activate your body's Chakra system and truly experience the essence of inner peace, harmony, and zen balance. Whether your journey includes yoga, transcendence, or holistic healing, escape to a state of meditative tranquility and experience a peaceful sanctuary within the realm of Silence Tea.

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