Official Brand Overview

SmartPower represents the next generation of energy drinks, for those who want Positive Energy without Negative Side-Effects. Using advanced bio-technology to work with your natural brain chemistry, it delivers a superior QUALITY experience (the SmartPower "glow"), with All The Energy, No Jitters and No Crash. Feel The Difference. Its delicious berry/vanilla flavor goes down easy, without the typical "energy drink" aftertaste, refreshing your mouth as well as your body and mind. Take the SmartPower challenge and compare our EFFECTS with any other drink to discover why we have been called the smartest energy drink on the planet. If the quality of your energy drink experience matters to you, or you can't afford a caffeine hangover, then Get Smart, Get SmartPower, and Get Your Glow On. Nuclear Waste Antidote is our latest SmartPower Energy Drink, and the first of our Postively Provocative Products. With the same "All The Energy, No Jitters, No Crash" formula as SmartPower, Nuclear Waste Antidote's more explosive taste excites the tongue without the negative aftertaste. With its "Get Your Glow On" message of Self-expression, and its "Raise Your Awareness" campaign around nuclear issues, it pushes the boundaries of consumer product branding into the realm of social consciousness. When Life Gets Toxic, Get The Antidote, and Get Your Glow On!

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