SoBe Beverages: SoBe Drive

by SoBe Beverages

Product Type

Juice: Juice Drink


20oz glass

Nutritional Info

Serving Size: 8 fl. oz. Servings per Container: 2.5 Amount per serving: Calories: 120 Total Fat: 0g Sodium: 15mg Protein: 0g Total Carbohydrates: 32g Sugars: 31g Zinc 10%, Selenium 25%, Muria puama 100mg, epimedium 100mg, siberian ginseng 100mg


filtered water, high fructose corn syrup, malic acid, natural flavor, grape juice concentrate, pectin, citric acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), aronia juice concentrate, inc picolinate, gum arabic, muria puama root extract, soy protein isolate and soy flour, epimedium leaves extract, ester gum, selenium complexed with amino acids and polypeptides, siberian ginseng extract, caramel color.

Bevnet Rating
3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars

Review: SoBe Drive

Posted: Feb 25, 2001 at 6:26 AM (Last Updated: May 31, 2001 at 6:09 PM)
Drive is an interesting herb enhanced fruit juice beverage. Featuring grape and aronia berry juices, this beverage has a refreshing berry-like flavor. In addition, the herbal ingredients attempt to increase passion and sexual desire (we have no comment on these claims). Overall, SoBe Drive has a decent fruit flavor that is worth a try.