Splendid Spoon Fresh Vegan Drinkable Soup: Strawberry Rhubarb

by Splendid Spoon

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15.5 oz bottle

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Review: Strawberry Rhubarb

Posted: Jul 17, 2015 at 1:06 PM (Last Updated: Jul 27, 2015 at 12:12 PM)
Splendid Spoon's Strawberry Rhubarb variety and the brand's Carrot Turmeric Elixir are two products that really blur the lines between smoothie and soup. For starters, they both visually look like juice products due to their color and consistency. It's here that the Strawberry Rhubarb could easily be mistaken for a strawberry banana smoothie if it didn’t have a label on it. From our perspective, selling people on the concept of drinkable soup is hard enough. Convincing them to pick a foreign flavor like Strawberry Rhubarb soup over a more predictable tasting smoothie is going to be even harder. Inside the bottle, the product has a very mellow strawberry rhubarb flavor (think strawberry rhubarb pie but without sugar). Consuming these flavors in a savory form feels as though it’s missing something, be it sugar or some other flavor to add some depth to it. As it stands right now, it feels pretty flat, which is a stark comparison to their Vegan Bone Broth and Cauliflower Coconut varieties. Again, we really wonder if this is the right direction for the brand as opposed to sticking with bone broth or more natural savory flavors. Regardless of the strategy going forward, we definitely feel as though this variety -- as well as the Carrot Turmeric Elixir -- need some work on their flavor profiles and messaging.