Thorpedo Ultra Low GI Energy Water

by Thorpedo Foods Pty, Ltd (Australia)

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

Thorpedo Energy Water, with its use of Low GI Carbohydrates, provides effective fuel for your body, but it is released at a more gradual rate, providing you with sustained energy for longer periods. Effectively you avoid the highs and lows of high GI products, and beat the fade. Thorpedo Energy Water also contains B Vitamins (which assist in the breakdown of fats and proteins), Electrolytes (A medical term for the essential salts you lose when you exercise) and antioxidants (these fight ageing and assist in the bodies ability to fight illness). Combined with low GI carbohydrates these make for a unique means of effective hydration. Comprising of a blend of electrolytes, B Vitamins and antioxidants, working in synergy with ultra low GI carbohydrates, it works harder to hydrate and sustain energy. It is available in 4 flavours - berry, orange, tropical and lemon-lime. Made especially for people who lead an active healthy lifestyle and want the best possible hydration to stay on top of things throughout the day.