Official Brand Overview

The old adage “necessity is the Mother of invention” is appropriately applied to the birth of Tu Me Turmeric Infused water. What drove us to start Tu Me, falls back on our innate desire to help others, and we did not have to go very far to reach out to those in need. Having grown-up in South East Asia, Nasir was familiar with the practice of incorporating healing herbs into his daily routine—be it the amazing curry dishes that his mother would lovingly prepare daily, or the homemade turmeric paste she would apply to his boyhood cuts and scrapes. The recollection of this tradition shed illumination when his daughter complained of exercise-induced inflammation. His daughter Shaina had a passion for sports and was a collegiate and professional basketball player. But all the playing took a toll on her body and she was not happy that in order to ease her pain and stiffness she had to rely on conventional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which cause irritation to the stomach as well as possibly causing other harmful effects to her body. So we thought, why can’t there be an easier, low-calorie way to get turmeric’s known healing powers into your daily diet? It came to us- turmeric infused water! We began experimenting with ways to eliminate the bitter taste of of turmeric and establish curcumin potency. Hundreds of gallons later, we took their recipe to, and joined forces with a world-renown food chemist and arrived at the cutting edge formulation of Tu Me Water.

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