unoco: Raw Coconut Water

by Better Fresh

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Juice: Coconut Water and Juice


8.5 oz Plastic

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Review: Raw Coconut Water

(Last Updated: Nov 17, 2014 at 10:49 AM)
Unoco’s Raw Coconut Water is a high pressure processed (HPP), “raw” coconut water that comes in a single flavor. The brand, which originates in the U.K. (the product itself is from the Philippines), is making its way into the U.S. and, unlike in its home market, it will certainly play in the shadow of Harmless Harvest. In comparison, this brand, which is conventional rather than USDA Organic, focuses in on marketing a pink coconut water (when exposed to light, the high phenol content in the coconut water gives it the color) and certainly has its own style when it comes to branding (albeit in the same bottle). Inside the bottle, which comes in both a 16 oz. and an 8.5 oz. bottle, you’ll find a very pleasant tasting coconut water that tastes exactly like what we’d expect HPP coconut water to taste like. Much like the pasteurized coconut water brands, we do wonder if products like this will be perceived as commodity versions or something that has it’s own identity. After all, what’s inside the bottle is extremely similar from one product to the next. Regardless, we definitely enjoyed the coconut water inside this bottle. Visually, we think that it’s a smart move on Unoco’s part to avoid the blue beach theme that has become ubiquitous with coconut water branding. Instead, the company made a circular design, which is made with exaggerated letters that spell Unoco. Since this product is all about “raw,” we think that the company's simple and clean approach is a good one that ties back to what’s inside the bottle. Overall, Unoco has a tough act to follow, but the company has definitely put its best foot forward with its first U.S. entry.