Zupa Noma

by Zupa Noma

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Official Brand Overview

ZÜPA NOMA is SOUP REIMAGINED: fresh, ready-to-sip, whole, organic veggies. From seed to skin, it's WHOLE WITHOUT THE BOWL. ZÜPA NOMA is a line of ready-to-sip chilled soups that are made using Certified Organic ingredients. With only the best produce picked at the peak of ripeness and superfood seasonings like coconut, pumpkin seeds, and turmeric, ZÜPA NOMA has an average of 4 servings of fruits & vegetables per bottle! Since we use the whole veggie, seed to skin, and don’t add any sugar, ZÜPA NOMA is also full of fiber and considered a low-glycemic food. This grab and go solution is perfect for everyday, every age – and you’ll enjoy sipping your soup SO much, you may only want to DRINK YOUR VEGGIES from now on. ZÜPA NOMA will be available in select Sprouts locations beginning July 1st but we’d love to be available at your favorite store! Ask us how by dropping a line to: hello@drinkzupa.com

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