Beverage School


Grace Cahalane manages the R&D Department at Aseptic Solutions USA, a creator, manufacturer, and co-packer of premium nutritional ready to drink beverages. Having been intimately involved in the development and launch of industry leading brands, she is a rich resource of information on the various factors to consider when launching a new beverage.

With 8 years of experience at Glanbia, Aseptic Solutions’ parent company and a global leader in the field of performance nutrition and ingredients, she has a thorough understanding of what is involved in creating and launching a new product, from concept to delivery. Ms. Cahalane has also completed a graduate program specializing in the development of science-based nutritional solutions, conducted research on optimal beverage processing and packaging methods, and led teams of R&D scientists in the creation and commercialization of an impressive range of products.

In her current position, her top priority is ensuring that Aseptic Solutions is on the cutting edge of innovation in beverage production. She is always seeking the best way to deliver a more premium beverage.  In this interview, she answers questions on aseptic processing, copacking, and considerations when launching a beverage.