Beverage School

Beverage School is an on-demand, video-based learning tool designed for entrepreneurs and newcomers to the food and beverage industry. Featuring a lineup of resources and media geared towards early-stage professionals, BevNET FBU covers a wide range of vital and relevant topics, including flavors, packaging, financing strategies and investment, legal considerations, and marketing and branding. Users will be able to get rapidly immersed in everything they'll need to know about the food and beverage industry.

Beverage School includes access to hundreds of unique videos spanning hundreds of hours of footage. The ever-growing library of content will consist of interviews with countless industry experts, as well as complete footage from our live conferences and events. Subscribers to Beverage School will be able to access the video library as frequently as they wish, as long as their subscriptions remain current.

Benefits of Beverage School

  • Expand your food & beverage knowledge
  • Hear about common missteps for startups
  • Learn from experts in various fields
  • Affordable & available immediately

New! Track Based Learning

We've designed tracks for companies of all sizes, from pre-startups to established companies looking to get to the next level. Each track consists of numerous subject-based "courses" which contain both video content and, in many cases, downloadable files that you can use for reference.
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Beverage School is an affordable on-demand way to advance your industry knowledge.