Brand News: Coffee

Jump Coffee Cola
As of January 1 Jump partnered with and to pursue the office coffee niche. The company also recently added Vistar and Action Enterprises Distributing to with the goal to make Jump Coffee Cola the office Energy Drink alternative.

Caribou Coffee
Caribou Coffee is the second-largest specialty coffee company in the United States, with 480 coffeehouses, including 39 licensed locations. Caribou Coffee’s coffeehouses are located in 18 states and the District of Columbia, as well as in several venues outside the United States. The RTD beverage expands the reach of the Caribou Coffee tradition and brings the simple, everyday values of the Caribou coffeehouse experience to a broader national audience. In addition, the company’s partnership with Coca-Cola North America allows Caribou to take advantage of the world-class Coca-Cola distribution system.
Java Monster
Hansen’s Java Monster continued to grow after its initial release last April. The share-stealing energy drink brand added Lo-Ball, Nut-Up, Irish Blend, Russian and Chai Hai – Monster’s first tea-based drink – to the line. Geoff Bremmer, Monster’s brand manager, said customer response to the line has been so strong that the company had to ramp up production.

Muud Coffee

OK folks, buckle-up! Hot on the heels of the release of our first 3 critically acclaimed MUUD flavors (original, mocha and vanilla), MUUD is ready to unleash Dyno-MUUD. This the “bad boy,” – the original MUUD recipe with another shot of espresso for an extra kick. The result is an amazing smoky espresso flavor that will definitely get you going.


With only 90 calories and no fat, Mojava Black is a natural coffee drink with no preservatives or additional charging supplements such ginko, guarana or taurine. Coffee, with the right amount of sugar and 8 to 10 oz. servings, makes the perfect energy drink without the unpleasant side effects of crashing. Other flavors in Mojito Brands, Inc. Mojava line RTD coffee include Mojava de Carma, Mojava MoMi, Mojava Mojito, Mojava OrMi. A percentage of the profits from the sale of Mojava Black are set aside for charitable contribution to help the many who suffer from Sickle Cell Disease.

NY Coffee

Not just for New Yorkers anymore, NY Coffee is expanding its reach. Besides the NY Metro area, the company now has sales in Buffalo, Chicago, Georgia, Portland Ore., Little Rock Ark., South Florida and Atlanta. The company recently added distribution in Price Chopper Supermarkets, Tree of Life and MVP Distributors in Pennsylvania. Within the city, NY Coffee has been promoting heavily with select TV green rooms, including the Tyra Banks show, MTV and Comedy Central.


If the caffeine in Starbucks’ RTDs wasn’t enough for you, the Seattle-based chain added a new selection of supercharged coffee drinks. The Starbucks Doubleshot Energy + Coffee line features Coffee, Mocha and Vanilla flavors, each 15 oz. can comes charged with a double shot of espresso and a dose of guarana, ginseng and B Vitamins.