Spotlight Category: Energy Drink Mixes & Sports Drink Mixes

52 Weeks through 3/18/2012

For both energy drinks and sports drinks, the idea of  single-serve mixes has been turned upside down by the arrival of Mio, the teardrop-shaped liquid mix from Kraft that has also drawn other large producers to the table, like the Coca-Cola Co., Inc. The liquid is giving reinforcement to Kraft, which also runs category leader Crystal Light as well on the energy mix side, while Gatorade and Propel from PepsiCo continue to dominate sports drink powders. Not much is reflected here on a pair of growing mix-oriented products, the “push-to-mix” caps championed by Activate and the rolled-up powder tabs like Nuun, but that has a lot to do with the channel dynamics at work here: natural and specialty isn’t represented.