Rush! Energy® Energizes Brand with Lite Product, New Packaging

ATLANTA, April 21, 2003 — The Monarch Beverage Company, an Atlanta-based international beverage corporation, has launched a non-caloric version of its popular Rush! Energy® brand, dubbed Rush! Energy Lite®. The company also is unveiling the original Rush! Energy — previously available in 8.3-ounce cans only — in a new 16-ounce can. Both products are now in nationwide distribution to supermarkets, convenience stores and other outlets.

@@img1 With a refreshing fruit taste and dynamic packaging, Rush! Energy has carved out a niche in the competitive energy drink segment. Monarch developed the new packaging and no-calorie version to further solidify its place in a rapidly growing and diversifying market.

The popularity of energy drinks is undeniable, noted Kevin McClanahan, Monarch’s chief operating officer. In 2000, worldwide sales of energy drinks were $130 million, and they are expected to be $200 million in 2005.

“We saw great opportunity in the low-calorie sub-segment, so we developed Rush! Energy Lite to capitalize on it. Likewise, there is growing demand for larger servings among energy-drink consumers. The 16-ounce serving of Rush! Energy delivers a double-rush to those who want the extra boost.”

Monarch has firmly positioned Rush! Energy as the price-value leader in the energy drink market. Suggested retail pricing for the new 16-ounce can is $1.99, and is $1.59 for the original Rush! Energy and the new Rush! Energy Lite.

The non-alcoholic, carbonated Rush! Energy is a mix of caffeine, taurine and B-complex designed to increase energy and endurance, and improve concentration, stimulate metabolism and boost reaction speed. The beverage also provides 100 percent of the recommended daily requirement of Vitamin C and contains D-Glucuronolactone, a natural substance that helps remove toxins from the body. Rush! Energy Lite provides all the same benefits, but with no sugar, carbohydrates or calories.

In a Southeastern regional taste test conducted in June 2002, consumers preferred the taste of the original Rush! Energy to the category leader. Sixty-four percent of participants rated the taste of Rush! Energy in the top two preference choices in a spectrum ranging from “like extremely” to “dislike extremely,” while only 18 percent said they enjoyed the category leader to the same degree.

About The Monarch Beverage Company
The Monarch Beverage Company is a diversified, international beverage company based in Atlanta. The company produces a full range of Carbonated, New Age and Ready-To-Drink products in 35 countries and some of the largest markets in the world, including the United States, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Monarch subsidiaries are located in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, France, Ivory Coast, South Africa and Singapore. For more information, visit the company> ‘> s Web site at or call 800-241-3732.