Fairfield, NJ (July 6, 2004) -Americans drink water to stay healthy. Now they can drink in Calcium at the same time-with Sanfaustino, a newly available lightly effervescent mineral water. Eight glasses of lightly effervescent Sanfaustino provide up to 80% of the adult calcium RDA. And Sanfaustino is sodium free.

@@img1 All natural Sanfaustino comes from a one of a kind natural mountain spring in Umbria, the very heart of Italy. It generates a natural lightly effervescent water that is a uniquely good source of calcium. Sanfaustino also provides natural bicarbonate for easy digestion.

“When you switch from ordinary bottled water to refreshing Sanfaustino you get all the natural properties of bottled water plus calcium” says Al Gever, President of CCW Holdings, Inc., the American importer of Sanfaustino.

Calcium.a vital mineral often lacking.

It’s never been more important to get adequate calcium into your daily diet. 44 million Americans are at risk for Osteoporosis. 10 million have the disease and another 34 million are estimated by the NIH (National Institute for Health) to have low bone mass.Additional research links Calcium to effective weight control, the maintenance of normal blood pressure, and proper colon and rectal health. Yet nearly 9 out of 10 women and 7 out of 10 men do not consume the recommended daily allowance.

Sanfaustino. An easy way to add more calcium to your diet.

You strive to drink water throughout the day. When you make the water Sanfaustino you’re effortlessly adding more calcium to your diet at the same time.

Add more calcium without adding the negatives.

Unlike other food and beverage sources, Sanfaustino adds calcium to your daily diet without adding potential negatives like calories, carbs, fat, lactose, sugars, or cholesterol. And Sanfaustino is sodium free.

Effective Absorption.

Research shows that your body most effectively absorbs calcium when it is consumed in food and beverages in small doses throughout the day-exactly the way you drink water!

Lightly Effervescent.

Not still and not bubbly, Sanfaustino emerges from its source with a light natural effervescence. Italians call Sanfaustino “Il Giusto Mezzo” or “perfectly in the middle”. Sanfaustino’s light effervescence makes it especially easy to drink. No “bite”. No “bubbles up the nose”. Just a refreshing alternative to ordinary bottled water throughout the day and with meals.

110 years new. While Sanfaustino has been sold in Italy since 1894, it is now available in the USA for the very first time. For more information log onto http://----escape_sem_autolink_uri:c9f75d5740cb28e5e8ca2dc065dd4357----.###