Energy Brands launches new web site

continuing on our path of award-winning sites, we updated our web site ( to reflect our new messaging for the glaceau family brands – smartwater, vitaminwater and a third brand which will soon be re-released!

some of the major components to the “new” site:

-it will educate consumers (in several ways) on how vitaminwater is relevant throughout their day. when consumers first arrive on the site, a particular flavor of vitaminwater will be served up (on the screen silly) based upon the time of day and that flavors functionality. for example, if it is 7:00 am, essential (orange-orange) will appear dancing and singing the blues. no, but it will appear touting its benefits of morning nutrition, not to mention how it favorably compares to oj (less acidity, half the calories and more nutrients.) however, no matter what time consumers log in they can always get to their favorite variety and learn in a very vitaminwater’ish way why that variety is all they need for that time of day.

-a label maker so that consumers can customize their own labels.

-store locator so that consumers across the country can type in their zip code to find the stores carrying glaceau products closest to home.

-smartwater information! finally we are unveiling our baby, smartwater clearly defining its many benefits – specifically that ‘no water hydrates faster and no water purifies better.’

-interactive smartwater barometer so consumers can see what happens when you drink more smartwater!

the website update was done by akqa.

AKQA is a global interactive marketing agency that uses innovative ideas and technology to deliver results for the world’s leading brands. AKQA is ranked in the top five interactive agencies by Advertising Age and was recognized as the “most respected agency” for two consecutive years by new media age. the agency provides marketing, customer services, digital product design and e-commerce solutions to clients such as nike, visa, palmOne and xbox.