New Single Ingredient Beverage Offers the Taste and Nutrients of Fresh Coconut Water, Giving Consumers a Refreshing Alternative to
Trendy Energy and Sports Beverages Full of Artificial Ingredients

Brooklyn, New York — All Market LLC, the creator of what is considered to be the next craze in healthy alternatives to leading energy and sports beverages, today announced plans to further expand it’s nationwide distribution of one of natures most incredible natural products Vita Coco — pure and natural coconut water. The expansion will include The Mid-West and South East and will be launched through promotions at all Whole Foods Markets® in those two regions.

Vita Coco which first launched in New York City in August of 2004 and has since expanded its distribution to Northern and Southern CA is quickly becoming one of the most popular beverages for a more health conscious American consumer. “With the tremendous success we have seen in our over 800 accounts in New York, Southern and Northern California, we felt it was time to offer Vita Coco to other regions throughout the country” said Michael Kirban, co-founder and president of All Market LLC which produces Vita Coco.

“It’s easy to see why so many people get wrapped up with the latest craze in energy or sports drinks. Vita Coco is the completely natural, one ingredient answer to people who want the same effect as the artificially manufactured products, but want a healthy alternative and a great taste,” continued Michael Kirban.

The coconut water phenomenon has been kept a secret from Americans for centuries, not because of its evident benefits to the enjoyer, but because of the difficulty in packaging coconut water and preventing it from oxidizing. Finally due to new packaging methods, Vita Coco is now able to deliver it to stores in major markets across America.

Vita Coco contains a single ingredient-coconut water-with no preservatives, added sugars, juices, water or coloring. Long-loved by people from tropical nations, coconut water is not the same as coconut milk. Coconut water, extracted from young, green coconuts, is fat and cholesterol free, high in potassium, contains alkalinizing minerals such as magnesium and calcium and is excellent for replacing electrolytes or rejuvenating the body. In addition to Natural Coconut Water, the company offers two new flavors. These flavors include Vita Coco with Passion Fruit Puree and Vita Coco with Coconut Puree and Pineapple Puree.

Vita Coco is a natural alternative to the current selection of sports drinks, many of which contain artificial ingredients and preservatives. The average sports drink contains 41 mg of potassium (the accelerator for re-hydration) per 330 ml, while Vita Coco contains 530 mg of potassium per 330 ml, less sodium and less sugar.

Vita Coco is available in a 330 ml Tetra Pak (suggested retail is $1.49-1.69 per Pak), The Tetra Pak is the most modern and hygienic packaging available and unlike an aluminum can or glass bottle, preserves the coconut water’s natural components, aroma and most importantly, flavor. While Vita Coco tastes best chilled, the Tetra Pak will preserve the beverage’s freshness, without refrigeration, for up to eight months. Vita Coco is also an excellent base for mixed drinks.

Some facts about coconut water and Vita Coco
. Packaged coconut water was first sold six years ago in Brazil. In 2002, Brazil generated $50 million in packaged coconut water sales, making it the second most highly consumed juice in the country, after orange juice.
. An interesting fact about coconut water: it shares the same electrolytic balance as human blood, and during World War II when IV solutions were scarce, was used as an IV drip for patients in hospitals and clinics.
. Coconut Water has a very high level of Manganese which is essential for bone growth and the body’s development; 2-5mg a day is required for good health. Manganese supplements are used to treat Osteoporoses.
. Coconut water has more Potassium than two bananas which is vital for maintaining a normal heartbeat. It enables nerves and muscles to function and regulates fluid levels within the cells. Deficiency leads to erratic heartbeat and fatigue.
. Coconut water is beneficial in various other treatments such as: appetite loss, acid indigestion, nausea and skin revitalization.
. “Coconut water should be marketed as a natural energy drink for joggers and athletes” and “what could be better than a natural beverage product with the delicate aroma, taste, drinking characteristics and nutritional value of pure, fresh, tender coconut water, plus all the functional characteristics of a sports drink?”
Attribution: (Morton Anderson, Chief of FAO’s Agricultural Industries and Post-harvest Management Services, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization – Sept. 14, 2000)

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