Enhanced Water Category Pioneer Introduces Natural (and Legal) Performance-Enhancing Option for People On and Off the Ball Field

@@img1whitestone, ny – glacéau®, makers of vitaminwaterT, fruitwater® and smartwater® announced today the launch of vitaminwater perform — the newest addition to the natural, low-calorie, nutrient-enhanced water line — with more electrolytes and b vitamins than gatorade but without the added sodium.

americans on average are now taking in nearly 4,000 milligrams of sodium per day – almost twice the recommended amount. the scary thing is, most of this doesn’t come from sprinkling salt on our food. in fact, an increasingly normal food day includes a mcdonald’s sausage, egg and cheese mcgriddle for breakfast (at 1290 mg), corned beef sandwich and chips for lunch (at 2,740 mg), and two slices of stuffed crust pizza from pizza hut for dinner (at 2,380 mg) which puts you well over three times the recommended daily amount. sodium intake at these levels can lead to high blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack and a multitude of other health issues. the issue is so serious that the national institute of health along with the national heart, lung and blood institute recently came up with an eating plan called dash (dietary approaches to stop hypertension) to teach people how to eat less salt.

needless to say, the last thing we all need is more salt packed into our sports drinks. thankfully, the nutritional nerds at glacéau took this matter into their own hands and created perform as a healthier, natural option for active people who are fed up with the lack of alternatives to the salt-laden junk that is currently available.

vitaminwater’s latest lemon-lime-flavored introduction is chock-full of calcium, magnesium and potassium. these minerals, otherwise known as electrolytes, essentially help move water cells through the body, speeding up the hydration process. in lieu of sodium, perform has 50 percent of the recommended b vitamins plus meaningful amounts of vitamin c and other key nutrients. perform is an ideal choice for consumers seeking optimal performance, as well as added nutrients, to fuel their game or whatever the day may throw at them.

“before now, active people have had one choice when it came to a sports beverage and not only does that option offer no nutritional value, it’s also based purely on salt,” said j. darius bikoff, founder and ceo, glacéau. “luckily for active people like us, perform provides a healthier, natural option without the extra sodium which most of us are getting way too much of in our diets.”

glacéau has partnered with major league baseball players across the country who are seeking to perform at their best without ending up in jose canseco’s next book.

perform aficionados will be making appearances nationwide and include:

. kerry wood – chicago cubs
. jim thome – philadelphia phillies
. francisco rodriguez – los angeles angels
. david wright – ny mets
. kevin millar – boston red sox
. jason schmidt – san francisco giants
. aubrey huff – tampa bay devil rays
. mike lowell – florida marlins
. austin kearns – cincinnati reds
. jay gibbons – baltimore orioles
. brandon inge – detroit tigers
. brian lawrence – san diego padres
. richie sexson – seattle mariners
. jack wilson – pittsburgh pirates
. travis hafner – cleveland Indians
. torii hunter – minnesota twins
. david eckstein – st. louis cardinals
. marcus giles – atlanta braves

“baseball players across the country love vitaminwater because it works for them both on and off the field,” said bikoff. “realistically, most people aren’t running daily triathlons so the needs of an extreme athlete aren’t relevant for the vast majority of us who just want to perform at our personal best every day, and that’s where vitaminwater comes in.”

perform is now available nationwide in 20-ounce bottles for a suggested retail price of $1.49.

about glacéau
formed in 1996, glacéau® is the creator of the enhanced water category and maker of vitaminwaterT, fruitwater® and smartwater®. sure “glacéau” may sound like a really far away place, but we’re right here in queens. being from new york , there’s no b.s. about us. we are all about keeping things real and so we use only natural flavors and colors in our products. glacéau was started by a guy who simply wanted better water and couldn’t find it, so he made it himself. glacéau has experienced more than 200% compounded annual growth since inception, and now more than 250 million bottles are sold every year to thirsty people like you. not bad for a little company based in queens. for more information visit www.glaceau.com.