Bossa Nova launches

Bossa Nova Beverage Group, purveyors of an entirely new category of product with the world’s first pure açai juices expands their extensive level of commitment to research and education. Five years of rigorous scientific research and proprietary manufacturing development enabled Bossa Nova to deliver the full potential of the exotic Amazon berry, açai, crafting the healthiest, highest antioxidant fruit juice available; trumping pomegranates, blueberries and red wine. Bossa Nova now comes to the table with groundbreaking new studies and an informational website.

The first of several new studies underwritten on behalf of the University of Florida Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Bossa Nova announces new discoveries in anti-carcinogenic fruit science research. The study is the first ever by a major academic institution to evaluate the potential health benefits of the acai fruit.

Antioxidants from acai fruit juice demonstrated anticancer activity against human leukemia cells in a recent laboratory study. Naturally occurring chemical compounds from acai brought about the death of leukemia cells at very high rates. The antioxidant from acai juice demonstrates anticancer activity that compared favorably with that of the chemotherapy drug, camptotechin, without damaging any healthy cells.

Additionally, Bossa Nova continues to further their commitment to research and education of the exotic Amazon berry by making information accessible for everyone with the launch of With the demand and popularity of the fruit skyrocketing over the last year, there is much about açai that is still virtually unknown. The new website is designed to be an informative tool revealing key FAQ’s, Brazilian heritage and puts to rest the trickiest of all acai tests – pronunciation. (ah-sci-ee)