FruitStorm, Inc. Announces “Crayons Juice Drinks”

@@img1 April 11, 2006 – FruitStorm, Inc., the makers of Crayons® Juice Drinks, introduces its new line of great tasting all-natural beverages. Each flavor of Crayons® is fortified with 35% RDI of Vitamins A, D and E, 150% RDI of Vitamin C and 10% RDI of Calcium. Crayons® juice drinks are packed with 30% real fruit juice, 3-5x other leading brands, and they currently come in five mouth watering flavors: Burple Purple GrapeT, Redder-Than-Ever Fruit PunchT, Kiwi Strawberry, Wild Watermelon BerryT, and Tickled Pink LemonadeT. Crayons® juice drinks are packaged in a re-sealable 10.5 oz. bottle, contain no high fructose corn syrup and average 90 calories (based on an 8 oz. serving size).

“When we evaluated the various ways to leverage the fun, excitement and power of the internationally recognized Crayons® brand name, we discovered a clear void within the natural and specialty foods channels. Now, for the very first time, ‘kids of all ages,’ regardless of whether you’re 6 or 60 years old, can enjoy our bold and refreshing, real fruit juice beverages, fortified with the essential Vitamins and minerals to support healthy immune systems.” says Ron Lloyd, FruitStorm’s President & CEO.

“Crayons® is one of those special, high quality brands, deeply rooted in one’s human psyche and memory. More importantly, the Crayons® brand influences those split-second, impulse based purchasing behaviors exhibited by adults and kids alike. So, with a powerful brand like Crayons®, I wanted to create a line of delicious beverages for both Moms and kids, superior in nutrition to other leading brands and packaged in an attractive, re-sealable bottle for ‘at-home’ and ‘on-the-go’ consumption. Finally there’s a fun, wholesome beverage the entire family can fight over,” says Duncan Seay, the Company’s Founder & COO.

“Over the past year our team has fielded a number of national market research studies to evaluate the Crayons® brand and Crayons® products. Coming out of those efforts we were surprised to learn how broad based the interest was from consumers of all age groups. Crayons® is purely one of those unique, brands that connects people to their fun and carefree feelings of childhood” adds Ron Lloyd.

Crayons® juice drinks are available in natural foods outlets and other specialty stores in San Francisco, Seattle and New York City through natural, gourmet and specialty distributors. FruitStorm, Inc., formed in 2004 by Fun Dads Who Care, owns the U.S. and International registered trademarks to the brand name Crayons® along with its registered oval trade dress in various food and beverage classes. The Company is headquartered in Clyde Hill, WA with employees in Washington and California.