Verve Brands LLC Launches OGO “The Breathing Water” in North America


@@img1Memphis, TENN., May 15, 2006 – Starting this month, every cell in your body will crave for more than just the oxygen we breath in. OGO, a prestigious European bottled water brand unique for its high oxygen content, has made its way to the United States.

Produced by The O-Company in the Netherlands, OGO is also popularly known as “The Breathing Water.” OGO Oxygen Water is obtained from a local natural spring water source in the Netherlands and delivers around 35 times more oxygen compared to regular water. Verve Brands LLC, an importer of premium international brands based in Memphis, Tennessee, has been awarded the exclusive appointment to import and market OGO Oxygen Water in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean Islands.

“We are extremely excited about the introduction of OGO in North America and the Caribbean through Verve Brands LLC,” says Bart Meijer, president and founder of The O-Company. “OGO is a beautiful combination of health, taste and design. It’s from a 100% natural spring and the high infusion of oxygen means an extra boost of energy-giving O2 in addition to the exceptionally smooth taste. And the unique, patented spherical OGO bottle, in collaboration with leading Parisian designer Ora Ito, is instantly recognizable and exceptionally refreshing.”

OGO isn’t just about the advanced technology that delivers 35 times more oxygen than regular water. It’s about using the oxygen to help to boost energy, detoxify the body and feel good and confident overall. Oxygen is a critical element to life, and this makes OGO the ideal natural performance drink bottled in vogue.

The first shipment from across the Atlantic has just arrived in the States, in time to introduce this new fine water brand in major markets, starting with Miami’s glamorous South Beach. The premiere OGO launch in Miami will take place in June and July 2006 at more than 25 swanky accounts.

Larry Greenway, CEO and founder of Verve Brands LLC, adds, “In Europe, OGO can be found in finer venues including Parisian luxury hotel Plaza Athénéé, Harrods of London, and trendy hot spots like Colette and Le Cab in Paris and Café Bij in Amsterdam. We expect OGO to be a hit with Miami and major markets as well, with the distinctive little round bottle spotted at all the hot spots from the hottest clubs, fashion shows and even the entourage of celebrities.”

Although OGO’s claim to fame in Europe is a line of oxygen “shots” pumped from a pressurized canister, only the bottled water will be launched at time. OGO Oxygen Water will be available to the North American market, firstly in two flavors: STILL and SPARKLING. FLOWER POWER, a non-alcoholic cocktail of finely-flavored elderflower and lychee, is the third OGO flavor that will be made available later. More tantalizing flavors will also be introduced into the OGO collection. Each bottle holds 11.2 oz (330 ml) of pure delightful oxygen water. Expect to find a retail price of around $2.59 for the luxury designer brand.

Retailers and buyers interested in obtaining more information on OGO, please contact Verve Brands LLC at 877-OGO-Water (877-646-9283). Additional information can also be obtained online at